Friday 30 March 2012

Medical Information-Sporting Events-Athlete

ICEevents: Protect Your Event by Protecting Your Participants

Free service offered to sporting events by quickly identifies an athlete and offers medical information and multiple emergency contacts on the scene! Any first responder can text message an athlete's bib number to a short code and receive a reply with the athlete's identity, important medical information and emergency contacts. read more..

Writers On Writing-Eventual Success-Writer Magazine-Medical Author-Peter Canning

Writers on Writing and a Little More

Michael Morse shares an article he wrote on writing for Writer Magazine in 2008. Peter Canning shares praise for the Rogue Medic. I also really appreciate his shout out for the Medical Author Chat. Thanks! The EduMedic, Brian Lilley, has posted a review of A Paramedic’s Story: Life, Death, and Everything in Between. Maybe one [...] read more..

What Is An EMS Non-Conformist?

An Excerpt from The Non-Conformists Guide To EMS Success The allure of conformity is powerful for all it offers. On the other side of the conformity dance floor is security, approval, and all the benefits of eventual success. Why wouldn’t we waltz? Doesn’t everybody? Perhaps that desire within us to do something that matters can [...] read more..

Gathering Of Eagles

Images from Gathering of Eagles Presentation on RAMPART

Some images from the Gathering of Eagles presentation on RAMPART[1] can help to give an idea of what was done to blind EMS to the treatment being given, while minimizing any delay in care that might result from being part of a study. Thank you to Happy Medic for clarifying some of the information not spelled out in the paper. read more..

Thursday 29 March 2012

Physical Exercise-Emt

Good Medics Don’t Run

I saw a visitor to the Paramedic Blog who searched “EMT running” for whatever reason. I was struck that an EMT would or ever should be running, other than for physical exercise. I often see images of healthcare professionals rushing … Continue reading ? read more..

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Personal Safety-Ems Education-Music Video-Fdny Ems-Farooq

Video: Keep Yourself Safe as an EMS Education Tool

Keep Yourself Safe is the latest EMS music video from FDNY Paramedic and Artist Farooq Muhammad. The video lyrics and visualizes are about personal safety and PPE usage. The project was funded/underwritten by apparel vendor Blauer. I think the production and message is outstanding. Farooq and Blauer show how new “media” can be combined for [...]Read related posts and tips:

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  2. EMS Week 2012: Can you top this video? Farooq Muhammad of FDNY EMS sets a high bar for...
  3. Video: Trends in Online Education for Emergency Responders In this video I describe discusses emerging trends in elearning....
read more..

Sunday 25 March 2012

Ultrasound Probe-Aspiring Author-Fire Department-Medical Author-Book Promotion

Paramedic in action: 7th-floor rescue

A 32-year-old male fell from a ladder and was suspected to be suffering from arm and hip fractures and a back injury. The complicated rescue and evacuation were successful due to a tidy collaboration between the fire department and the workers in the construction site. read more..

Attention Medical Authors: Book on Book Promotion

For many authors an appearance on the Medical Author Chat podcast is an opportunity to connect with readers, share why they wrote their book, and to, hopefully, sell some copies of their book. Podcast appearances are just one of many opportunities for book promotion. If you are a medical author or an aspiring author you [...] read more..

Ultrasound App for Smart Phones

Mobisante is a small device company based in Redmond, WA, which has developed an ultrasound probe for smartphones. As a review article in the New England Journal of Medicine highlights, the use of point-of-care ultrasound is rapidly expanding. The MobiUS™SP1 system, cleared by … Continue reading ? read more..

Saturday 24 March 2012


New Philips FR3 AED

The Philips FR3  is a new professional-grade AED. It is the smallest and lightest rock-solid AED I have ever seen. That makes the FR3 easier to carry and integrate with other rescue equipment. The bright, high-resolution color LCD helps make the FR3 … Continue reading ? read more..

About Paramedic.Alltop

The purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in topics that interest you. Alltop collects the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a particluar topic. They group these collections or … Continue reading ? read more..

Opinion Of The Public-Emergency Medicine-National Registry-Medical Author-Public Opinion

Podcast: Interview with Linda Willing about On the Line

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk to retired Firefighter and Fire Officer Linda Willing about . In our conversation Linda tells us about her career in the fire service and current work as a fire department consultant and trainer. As a co-founder of the organization “Women in the Fire Service” Linda [...] read more..

Gaming the National Registry Exam – Part II

I have no interest in changing the opinion of the public. I am interested in changing the opinion of the people who work in EMS and in emergency medicine – people who should know better.Working on public opinion is just the tail trying to wag the dog. read more..

Fulton Fire Department-Ambulance Crews-Scene Safety-Epinephrine-Ken Grauer

Fulton Fire Will Leave Some Calls to The EMT’s

The Fulton Fire Department say that they will adjust their 911 priory dispatching to include some medical calls to be ambulance only dispatches. citing savings to taxpayers, personnel will no longer respond to non-emergency medical calls. Those incidents will be left to ambulance crews. [Read the whole story here..] read more..

Dr. Ken Grauer on Killing Patients Just to Get a Temporary Pulse With Epinephrine – Part II

Dr. Ken Grauer wrote a couple of extended comments in response to "Killing Patients Just to Get a Temporary Pulse With Epinephrine."Dr. Grauer has provided some commentary on this on his web site – KG-EKG Press."ISSUE #10: Should We Still Use Epinephrine for Cardiac Arrest?"So, how bad was epinephrine in this study? read more..


10-8, on air, copy, en route, on scene. Scene safety, BSI,  ABC, A/Ox3. SAMPLE, OPQRST, AEIOU-TIPS. Patch’em up. Print a strip. Check a sugar “little prick.” Grab a BP, Positive PMSC. Equal grips/pushes/pulls, eyes are PERL, Cut the clothes. C-Spine, Strip and flip, palp the chest, rock the hips. Start a line, strip a bag, [...] read more..

Felony Possession-Drug Charges-Narcotics

Woman accused of stealing narcotics from ambulance

SHEBOYGAN, WI — A 29-year-old Plymouth woman is facing drug charges for allegedly stealing narcotics from an ambulance while her boyfriend was being taken to a hospital. Lori G. Galles was charged this week with felony possession of narcotics, misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor theft. If convicted on all counts, she could [...] read more..

Thursday 22 March 2012

Career Development-Records Management-Platform Solutions-Fire Departments-Steve Whitehead

Train. Track. Report.

TargetSolutions delivers innovative applications that help fire departments run more efficiently. Our easy-to-use Platform Solutions cover four categories: Learning Management, Online Training, Records Management, and Career Development. read more..

EMS Blogging – Why We Blog – EMS Office Hours

On the most recent EMS Office Hours, Jim Hoffman (host of EMS Office Hours), Steve Whitehead (host of The EMT Spot), Christopher Watford (an editor at EMS 12 Lead), and I talk about the Fire and EMS Blog of the Year contest (all of us are nominated) run by Rhett Fleitz (The Fire Critic). Unfortunately, Steve appears to have some audio problems, so his voice fades out after he is talking for a little while.EMS Blogging – Why We BlogJim has us discuss some of the reasons why we blog, what benefits we see coming from blogging, and the ways we have seen blogging change. read more..

Wednesday 21 March 2012


Mickey's dead

I watched a mouse dying today. Yes... a mouse. Scruffs had caught it and was playing with it, but I took it from him and put it into a bucket so that I could chuck it into the field behind my house. I've given many a mouse a second chance by doing this. This one however, well, he was feisty and he managed to clamber up and out of the bucket before I had a chance to stop him. He obviously didn't trust my intentions.
He plopped onto the grass and ran for his life, but Scruffs was on him again and he was pawed to a stand-still. I told my cat to let him go and he did (Scruffs is generally obedient, believe it or not - he sits on command), but the mouse made a fatal mistake - he dashed away from the safety of me and my bucket. He ran straight into Scruff's path again, and this time Scruffy boy was having him. He grabbed him in his mouth and made to escape into the house with it.
I managed to get him to drop the little thing though and I picked it up and saw straight away that it was limp and weak. Scruffs hadn't pierced his body with his teeth; he rarely does that, but I guess the crush of his mouth had been enough to cause internal damage.
But I thought the little thing may also be playing dead, because they do that. I put him on the ground and watched him. His breathing was shallow and quick, and when I dropped him to the ground, his little paws jerked out, as if he was scared of the fall... or wanted to be kept out of harm's way. Then he just lay there, eyes open, and began to gasp in long, crying breaths. I recognised this. I've seen humans do it. It's called agonal breathing and it's the last thing that any breathing creature will do before they die.
I watched as he opened his little mouth and silently screamed, time and time again, over and over... and then he just stopped. His eyes never closed and he never looked in pain but he clearly was.
Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you this because as I watched him die, I felt more emotion for him than I have done recently for people.
I've had a bad year, and you all know that, but I don't deserve anything for it because there are plenty of people having bad years... and some having much, much worse. But my year has helped me focus on what's really important and it's helped me see the futility of trying to educate the public about how not to abuse their emergency ambulance service. It's hardened me against those who deliberately destroy their lives when there has never been the threat of a cat to kill them, against a backdrop of children and babies who have terminal illnesses and whose parents are living only in the shadow of inevitability for a loss that will be so great that they cannot fathom life for themselves any longer.
I'm not giving up and I'm not clinically depressed... but I am changing my mind about things.
I went out tonight. I went to a gig ('Battle of the bands') that was specially organised by my colleagues for my colleagues and in aid of charity. I spent a few hours drinking with them, laughing with them and listening to music produced and performed by them. It was great fun and a sobering reminder to me that I am not part of a company, or an organisation. I am part of a family. Every one of the people I saw tonight (the club was almost exclusively full of London Ambulance staff) do the same job as me. The fact that I write this blog and have done other things is completely irrelevant. These people also have to deal with the reality of the job, day in, day out. They know that there is no answer and never will be. Certain members of the public will always abuse their emergency services; they care not a jot that we care.
I listened-in to a call recently in which a man had dialled 999 for help because he was in pain. From the very start he was aggressive, abusive and very threatening towards the call-taker. The call-taker remained calm and professional against a tirade of swearing, animosity and direct threats read more..

Franklin Memorial Hospital-Ambulance Crashes En Route-Emergency Lights-Police Report

Police report sheds light on deadly ski crash

CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – A police report is shedding some light on the circumstances surrounding the death of a skier from Nova Scotia at Sugarloaf in January. David Morse died in an ambulance en route to Franklin Memorial Hospital after hitting a tree off Sugarloaf’s Timberline Trail. His wife, Dana Morse, has criticised [...] read more..

Ambulance Crashes En Route To Accident

NASHUA. N.H. — An ambulance was involved in a crash with a pickup truck while it was headed to the scene of another accident in Nashua Wednesday. Officials said the AMR ambulance had its emergency lights on while it was en route to an accident scene on Route 111 near the intersection of Riverside Street. [...] read more..


* Functional warm up *Hang clean to front squat 4×6 *Olympic bar reverse lunge to press (single arm) *Pull up 3×7 (with a 15lb DB) *Standing cable chest press *Kettle bell between the leg swings to a scaption *heavy rope drills (jumping jacks/shoulder side raise to bent over fast hands) *Bench Jumps 3×20 *stretch read more..

Anxiety And Depression-Ambulance Workers-Systematic Review-Fatal Accidents-Mortality Rates

Ambulance workers have high accident and mortality rates but low anxiety and depression

A systematic review on ambulance personnel found that ambulance workers have a higher mortality rate, higher level of fatal accidents and higher rate of early retirement on medical grounds than the general working population. However, a survey among ambulance personnel indicates that they report lower levels of anxiety and depression symptoms, and tend to avoid [...] read more..

Ems Professionals-Physical Fitness-Athlete Profile-Fitness Goals

Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Bob Sullivan

EMS professionals are challenged to balance work, family, and other obligations while also staying or striving for mental and physical fitness. The Everyday EMS Athlete is a regular column to recognize and learn from other EMS professionals that are setting and meeting fitness goals. This edition was contributed by Paramedic Bob Sullivan. Q: What is [...]Read related posts and tips:

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  2. Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Buck Feris As many of us know, putting your health and fitness...
  3. Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Conan Kelly EMS professionals are challenged to balance work, family, and other...
read more..

South Dakota Highway Patrol-Emergency Medical Services-Day County Sheriff-Careless Driving

2 EHT squad members injured when ambulance flips

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ – An Egg Harbor Township ambulance driver was charged with careless driving in connection with an accident that occurred while he was responding to a call Thursday, March 15 according to township police. Frank Carlin, 37, of Egg Harbor Township, a member of the Egg Harbor Township Ambulance Squad, was driving an [...] read more..

Former Valley EMT suing city over emergency medical services

VALLEY, AL – A former Valley EMT has filed a lawsuit against the city for the loss of emergency medical services. Scott Hamil, also former Mayor of Lanett, worked as an EMS paramedic for Valley from 1990 to 2011. He was fired in October 2011. Hamil says in his lawsuit that the loss of emergency [...] read more..

Ambulance struck by pickup

ABDEEN, SD – An ambulance was rear-ended near Waubay on Saturday as it was responding to an earlier accident on U.S. Highway 12, according to the South Dakota Highway Patrol and the Day County Sheriff’s Office. The initial accident occurred at 10:53 a.m. about two miles west of Waubay, when a pickup truck with one [...] read more..

Dangerous Conditions-Ems Professionals-Music Video

Keep yourself safe

A music video showing the potential hazards EMS professionals face on a day to day basis. It emphasizes the importance of safety while working under these dangerous conditions. Blauer provided the funding for this project and is a huge supporter of EMS, Fire and PD all around the country. Please visit for more information on their wonderful products and services. read more..

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Atlanticare Regional Medical Center-Baltimore Convention Center-Rollover Accident

Ambulance stolen from Atlantic City hospital, driven to bar

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Police in Atlantic City, N.J. were searching Sunday for a suspect who stole an ambulance and apparently drove it to a bar. The ambulance was stolen from outside of AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City shortly after 2:30am, WCAU-TV reported. Police said the ambulance had brought a patient to the [...] read more..

Update on condition of four injured in ambulance rollover accident

MCLENNAN COUNTY, TX – We now know the condition of the four people injured in an ambulance rollover accident that took place Sunday afternoon just outside Gholson. The ambulance was in the 12,000 block of Gholson Road when the vehicle hydroplaned on the wet roadway. The driver over corrected and the ambulance entered a ditch on [...] read more..

Top Products at EMS Today Part 2

The Baltimore Convention Center exhibit area was on fire with some incredible new advancements in EMS technology on display at EMS Today 2012. Many great new products were launched at the show this year. Some of the top contenders include … Continue reading ? read more..

Leadership Training-Ems Leadership-Supervisors-Episode

Tools for New Supervisors Part 2: EMS Leadership Episode 47

This episode of the Leadership podcast is geared to the development of the newer supervisors. Chris Cebollero talks to two of his supervisors going through leadership training sharing that experience with you. Supervisors Sean Hultz and Charles “Chip” Smack will discuss different leadership styles, pitfalls to leadership, common leadership mistakes, giving recognition and communication. Join [...] read more..

Heart Attack Grill-Tactical Gear-Michael Morse-Shot Show

Paramedics take man out of Heart Attack Grill

About 30 seconds into the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, paramedics wheel the man out of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas on a gurney. It is not known if the man had a heart attack. At the end of the video, you can see the Heart Attack Grill's sign saying "OVER 350 LBS EATS FREE." read more..

New Books from EMS Authors Canning and Morse

February is a great month for the EMS reader. Paramedic Peter Canning and Lt. Michael Morse have both published new books. I have a copy of Responding from Lt. Michael Morse, author of Rescuing Providence, on my nightstand. I just downloaded the Kindle edition of Mortal Men: Paramedics on the Streets of Hartford by Peter [...] read more..

SHOT Show 2012: Previewing Some Tactical Goodness

Next week, we're all about SHOT Show. We'll be bringing you the latest and greatest in tactical gear goodness. You may say that we'll be like kids in a candy store. Follow us on Twitter and fan us on Facebook to watch our adventures through THE tactical tradeshow of the year. read more..

Monday 19 March 2012

Department Of Public Safety-Emergency Medical Services-Medical Treatment-Complaints

Complaints dismissed against two responders

FARMINGTON, ME — The state office that oversees emergency medical services has dismissed some of the complaints in the investigation about the medical treatment of a man who died after a skiing accident on Sugarloaf in January. Maine Emergency Medical Services, a division of the state Department of Public Safety, dismissed the case against two [...] read more..

Ems Career Field Changes-Guadalupe County Jail-Mario Alberto Torres-Change Management

Paramedics sign up to help resus research project

Bristol paramedics are set to take part in a study to find the best way of resuscitating patients whose hearts have stopped. Less than a fifth of patients who suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital currently survive and a study is being held in the city to establish how paramedics might improve rates of [...] read more..

Suspected drunken driver accused of rear-ending ambulance

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Schertz police have accused a man of rear-ending an ambulance while driving drunk. Mario Alberto Torres, 27, was held in the Guadalupe County Jail on one count of accident involving damage to a vehicle greater than $200 and driving while intoxicated. A judge set bail at $4,000. Torres had brought his car [...] read more..

Change Management; EMS Leadership Podcast Episode 75

We enter a time where the EMS Career field changes with every passing day. To have a successful organization we need to change with the times. It’s this change that always seems to bring stress even into the best of organizations. Join Chris Cebollero as he discusses Change Management with Don Lundy, Patrick Pianezza, JB Guiton and [...] read more..

Lasting Impression-Appearance

Trying To Focus On What Is Important

Why do we spend so much time on appearance, but not spend time on the things that are important to our patients?Sure, appearance is the first thing that people will notice, but what leaves a lasting impression is how we treat patients.Can we intubate well?For most of us, probably not.How many of us keep a record of any all of our skills and our success rates where everyone can see?If we miss a bunch of IVs, do we view being assigned to the IV team as an opportunity to improve our skills and understanding, or do we view it as punishment? read more..

Physical Environment-Podcast Episode-Food

Conflict Resolution; EMS Leadership Podcast Episode 76

One thing that we know whether its personal or professional, conflict is going to occur. It is important that regardless of your level, having the ability to resolve conflicts as the occur is paramount to a successful organization. In this episode Chris Cebollero is joined by Don Lundy, Bob Waddell and JB Guiton as they [...] read more..

Food Behavior Modification

I was asked during a presentation last week why it’s so hard to stop eating or change eating behaviors.  My answer was simple and frankly a smack in the face, you can not stop or change because your physical environment will not allow it.  We see food in a distorted manner, we have been programmed [...] read more..

Four o’clock in the morning.

Four 0'clock in the morning. Four ayh emm. 4am… Often passed during sleep, that time that doesn’t exist for most people. But it does exist, I mean we agree to have it on the clock. It’s there, but what happens at 4am? It’s far too late to be considered night, and even though “morning” is [...] read more..

Cerebral Hemodynamics-Defibrillation-Sourced

Crowd Sourced Wisdom – The Secret to Great EMS Care

I’ll admit it. My very favorite posts are the ones written by the readers. I love the idea behind crowd-sourced wisdom. I enjoy putting a question out there and listening to the many varied responses. The funny and the unique, the poignant and the economical, I like them all. I’d like to make all my [...] read more..

What is this Treatment and Why Did We Stop Using it

This shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.What is Treatment X?-Recent studies suggest that Treatment X produces improved coronary and cerebral hemodynamics and defibrillation rates in animals and humans. Small case series in humans have also suggested that read more..

Paramedic Program Accreditation-National Association-Kathy Robinson

Paramedic Program Accreditation Update: Episode 132

Co-hosts of the EMS Educast Greg, Rob, and Bill are joined by Kathy Robinson and Deb Cason to discuss the current status of National EMS Program Accreditation. Kathy Robinson ( is the Program Manager for the National Association of State EMS Officials.  Kathy is responsible for coordinating and staffing NASEMSO’s Education Agenda Implementation Team.  Kathy is also [...] read more..

17 Ways to Become an Awesome EMT in 2012

17 Ways to Become an Awesome EMT in 2012

Want to become more awesome in 2012? Here are 17 places you can start: 1) Start Checking Out Your Rig Each Morning Most organizations have a policy in place that states that oncoming EMS crews should complete a thorough checkout process. The reality is that very few of us check out our rig at the [...] read more..

Rescue Helicopter-Northern Brazil-Minor Injuries-Landing

Rescue helicopter falls apart on landing

The crew escapes with minor injuries when a rescue helicopter disintegrates upon landing in Para, northern Brazil. The helicopter shakes as it lands before the front falls off and the tail breaks in two. It may have experienced ground resonance, similar to what happens in a washing machine when clothes are concentrated at one point during a spin cycle read more..

Outstanding Shares-Business Wire-Asahi Kasei-Zoll

Asahi Kasei Announces Agreement to Acquire ZOLL Medical

TOKYO & CHELMSFORD, Mass., Mar 12, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) Asahi Kasei, through a U.S. subsidiary, will make a cash tender offer to purchase all of the outstanding shares of ZOLL common stock for $93 per share. The purchase price represents … Continue reading ? read more..

Medical Author-Todd Baker-Podcast

Podcast: Interview with Todd Baker about Baghdad E.R.

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I speak with Dr. Todd Baker about his experience as an emergency physician at the 82nd Combat Support Hospital in Iraq that he chronicled in his book . In our conversation we discuss Dr. Baker’s background in medicine, how he ended up deploying to Iraq, and his [...] read more..

Preventative Medicine

Trauma Criteria – preventative medicine – Part I

There are a lot of interesting things about this study, but Table 3 shows that there is some ability to improve the accuracy of triage criteria by combining criteria. This should be a no brainer, but here are some data to support this. 2.8% + 4.7% + 8.0% = 50%. That is a tremendous improvement over the 15.5% that they add up to individually. read more..

Sunday 18 March 2012

Software Platform-Ems Provider-Healthcare-Mediview

Suicidal Evaluation: The DEAD PIMP Assessment

It’s a difficult situation that just about every EMS provider has been faced with at some point. Someone, somewhere thinks a friend or loved-one wants to commit suicide and they call 911. You arrive on scene to find a healthy looking patient who is adamant that they have no desire to harm themselves or anyone [...] read more..

Return on Investement

Having the opportunity to work with numerous organizations each year and spend time on site with them and their teams is in my humble opinion an invaluable experience.  from CEO’s with no doors (literally no doors) on their office to organizations that provide nothing but healthy and balanced snacks.  The ability to see real time [...] read more..

New Healthcare IT Solution for EMS

I stopped by the Beyond Lucid Technologies at EMS Today to learn about MediView™ Mobile. MediView™ Mobile is a software platform that is designed to serve as a comprehensive cloud-and-client healthcare IT solution for EMS. MediView Mobile incorporates next generation … Continue reading ? read more..

Learning Management Systems

An Overview of Learning Management Systems: EMS Educast Episode 30

This week we discuss the different learning management systems out there and what is the best for your service. Cohorts: Will Dunn Kyle David Bates Doug Gadomski Rob Theriault Greg Friese Buck Feris Links: read more..

Character Traits-Flexibility-Change Pace


One of the most important character traits to develop is flexibility. The ability to change direction, change pace and continue to move forward in pursuit of your goals is important. However, your ability to develop flexibility will help you most when it really matters: On the scene of a true emergency. read more..

Employees-Emt Spoti-Vote

AMR Employees Halt Vicious Attack

Two Apple Valley, California AMR employees witnessed an attack in progress in the parking lot and decided to intervene. The EMTs were able to disrupt the assault in progress and report identifying information regarding the fleeing assailant. [Read the whole story here...] read more..

Vote For The EMT Spot

I know that it’s an election year, and you’re probably already sick of people pining for your vote. However… If you’re a fan of The EMT Spot and you’d like a way to say thanks, the nicest thing you can do is go over to EMS1 and vote for us for the 2012 Fire and [...] read more..


Teaching Airway: EMS Educast Episode 33

This week we have as our guest Kelly Grayson who talks to us about Teaching Airway. Oh yeah, don’t forget to give us feed back on our new music too. 303-720-6001 Hosts: Greg Friese Rob Theriault Buck Feris Links: read more..

Friday 16 March 2012

Records Management-Platform Solutions-Fire Departments-Targetsolutions

TargetSolutions - Train, Track, Report

TargetSolutions delivers innovative applications that help fire departments run more efficiently. Our easy-to-use Platform Solutions cover four categories: Learning Management, Online Training, Records Management, and Career Development. read more..

E-Book Announcement: Downwind Walk

The Downwind Walk: A USAR Paramedic’s Experiences after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 is now available in e-book format. Get the details on how to order your copy in hardcover or as an e-book from my good friend Steve Kanarian. I am also the proud owner of a signed copy of the Downwind [...] read more..

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Emergency Treatment-Psychiatric Patient-Ambulance Service-Stroke Campaign-Columbus Police

Rise in stroke-related 999 calls

More people are dialling 999 when they suspect a stroke following a campaign to highlight key symptoms, the Government has said. The Act FAST stroke campaign is intended to show how emergency treatment can reduce the risk of death and disability from stroke, which affects around 150,000 people in the UK every year. Last April [...] read more..

EEAS: Rise in complaints about ambulance delays

More than 160 complaints were received by the region’s ambulance service in the final three months of last year. The figures are contained in a quality report to be presented to the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust’s board when it meets on Wednesday. Of the 163 complaints registered during October, November and December, [...] read more..

Stolen ambulance crashes into business

COLUMBUS, Ga. –Columbus police say a psychiatric patient took off with an ambulance, crashing it into a business on 13th Street. “Landed right in our building,” said Jason Gamache, Owner of PTAP. Tinting and auto accessory store PTAP is known for having some “tricked out” rides on display in front of the shop on 13th [...] read more..

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Tactical Pants-Ipad

iPad 3 Meets Tactical Pants

Last week Apple unveiled its plans for the next generation of iPad. With the dimensions remaining the same as the iPad 2, we just had to share the results of an experiment hosted by the Tactical Pants Blog. Check out which pants they found to be the best fit for that new iPad. read more..

Unconscious Soccer Player

Unconscious player gets red card

An unconscious soccer player is given the red card - as medics wheel him away for treatment. The ref thought thought the player had taken a dive. Medics later said the player suffered three compressed and displaced vertebrae in his neck and a serious concussion. read more..

Martin Luther King Jr-Newark Hospital-The Ambulance

Ambulance en route to Newark hospital crashes when struck by car

NEWARK, NJ — An ambulance rushing a patient to a Newark hospital slammed head-on into a tree last night after a car hit it as it went through a red light, officials and witnesses said. The ambulance was crossing William Street on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard around 7:15 p.m. when it was struck, said [...] read more..

Emergency Medical Technicians-Rutherford County Jail-Medical Author-Ottawa County

Podcast: Interview with CB Garris about Member of the Service

CB Garris author of MOSIn this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I speak with paramedic and author C.B. Garris about his book . C.B. began his EMS career in high school and worked in New York City EMS which eventually became FDNY EMS. M.O.S. was inspired by the events of 9/11 and the media [...] read more..

Ambulance rolls over in Ottawa County

OTTAWA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) – Two Emergency Medical Technicians were injured after their ambulance rolled in an accident on State Route 2 near the entrance to Magee Marsh in Ottawa County. Police say the driver of a Ford Explorer was pulling a trailer and went left of center, but then went back into his lane. [...] read more..

Nashville paramedic serves jail time but bosses don’t know

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A longtime Nashville paramedic was getting a paycheck from the city, but he wasn’t on the job, on leave or vacation. Instead, he was in a cell at the Rutherford County Jail, and even his bosses didn’t know what was going on. Robert Plummer had a recent, serious criminal conviction he [...] read more..

Kyle David Bates-Ethical Issues-Garage Episode

Ethically Speaking: EMS Garage Episode 143

On this week’s episode of EMS Garage, guest host Scott Kier discusses a slew of recent ethical issues that have arisen throughout the country.  He is joined by Russell Stine, Kyle David Bates, and William Random Ward. Texas Medics stop treatment after reading patient’s will County Tries to turn Juvenile Offenders into EMTs read more..

Monday 12 March 2012

Care Home Residents-Bbc Investigation-Elderly Care-Cornerstones-Firefighter

Care home residents ‘denied basic GP medical services’

Some doctors are refusing to visit elderly care home residents, a BBC investigation has found. Instead they are offering a diagnosis over the phone which care home managers say is unsatisfactory and dangerous. In one case, care home records show a GP refused or reluctantly made a visit to a man suffering from pneumonia on [...] read more..

Firefighter Apologizes For Holding Mayor Responsible For Victim Death

After years of controversy and cuts, a  Haverhill Firefighter (the representative of Local 1011) told reporters that the mayor should be charged with murder after the death of an 84 year old citizen in a house fire. Today, that firefighter offered his apology. [Read the whole story here...] read more..

The Emotional Heartbeat; EMS Leadership Episode 78

Good Morale is one of the cornerstones to a successful organization. How do we best develop a good and positive morale for all our employees? Join Chris Cebollero and his guests Don Lundy, Bob Waddell and JB Guiton as they discuss the components of developing great organizational morale. read more..

Lansing Community College-Ems Program

Combat Medic to Paramedic: Episode 128

Darrell DeMartino (, Senior Instructor/Designer at Lansing Community College joins Greg and Bill on tonight’s EMS Educast.  Darrell has designed an EMS program to transition military medics to civilian paramedics. Please listen in on tonight’s interesting discussion on a very unique program.  Rob was unable to join us for tonight’s program. Links: Co-Hosts: Greg Friese [...] read more..

Saturday 10 March 2012

Melbourne, Australia-Platform Edge-Cctv Footage-Baby Pram

Baby pram rolls off Australia rail platform

Dramatic CCTV footage captured the moment the pushchair began silently drifting towards the platform edge as the boy's mother turned her back for a moment.By the time she realised what was happening it was too late.The buggy plunged onto the tracks but the woman in Melbourne, Australia, was straight over the side herself in a frantic bid to save her five-month-old son.The baby had landed face first, five feet beneath where commuters were standing waiting for a train.It was the third similar drama in the city in two years.Paramedic Simon Della-Rossa said, "The woman jumped down to her son, who was crying, and lifted the pram and boy back to the platform."The baby escaped with a lump on his head and bruising to his face. read more..


Nominate Your Favorite Blog. 2012 Fire and EMS Blog of the Year at Fire Critic

It is time for Fire Critic’s 2012 Fire and EMS Blogs of the Year.Nominations are only open until March 10th, so go nominate your favorite blog now.There are a lot of excellent blogs out there, both fire blogs, EMS blogs, and blogs that cover both, so go nominate your favorite. Then vote between March 14th and March 21st. read more..

Best Fire "EMS Blog Contest

Announcing Fire & EMS Blog of the Year 2012 Contest Blogs have become an important part of our industry online, providing their readers with a personal and engaging place to learn and converse. Nominate your Favorite Fire and EMS Blog. Click … Continue reading ? read more..

College Of The Ozarks-Student Firefighters-Cardiac Arrest-Point Lookout

Student Firefighters Save Fellow Student

Firefighting students at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO, responded to the sound of a fall to find senior Walter Watts unresponsive on the floor in cardiac arrest. With the use of their CPR training and a nearby AED, Watts was successfully revived. [Read the whole story here...] read more..

Patrol Bike-Bike Shops-Shot Show

SHOT Show 2012: Safariland Rolls Out New Patrol Bike

Safariland displayed its new patrol bike at SHOT Show 2012. Partnering with Kona, it can be ordered through local bike shops. Made to meet the needs of the pedaling officer, it has a number of features that help make even the longest shift more bearable. read more..

Traffic Accident-Police Report

Ambulance Involved in Accident When Responding to Call

PHARR, TX — An ambulance, responding to a traffic accident call in Pharr, was involved in an accident of it’s own on Wednesday. Police report that a Med Care ambulance was on it’s way to a accident call when it was rear ended by a driver of a Jeep Wrangler on the frontage road of Expressway [...] read more..

National Standard Curriculum-Hospital Readmissions-Sample History-Medicare -Emt Class

Understanding The SAMPLE History

The SAMPLE history usually comes up in the first few weeks of EMT class. It’s such a widely accepted standard that it appears in the National Registry medical and trauma skills station as well as the EMT National Standard Curriculum. As far as subjective patient history’s go…SAMPLE is the gold standard. Like anything else in [...] read more..

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

By Patricia Hines, R.N., and Bonnie Barndt-Maglio, R.N. on H&HN Daily The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have been focusing on reducing acute care readmissions within 30 days of discharge through its Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program. Hospitals with higher than expected … Continue reading ? read more..

Friday 9 March 2012

Ems Continuing Education-Magazine Article-Presentation

Reading Speed and EMS Continuing Education #EMSToday

At EMS Today, during my presentation on EMS Continuing Education, I discussed the oddity of magazine article based CE that awards an hour or hour and a half of CE for reading 2000-4000 words. Part of the presentation was a timed reading exercise. Participants read about 200 words of text on the screen and clicked [...]Read related posts and tips:

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  2. Tips to Make the Most of your Continuing Education “Who is paying for your EMS continuing education?” was the...
  3. EMS Boot Camp – Take a Continuing Education Class Now ...
read more..

Thursday 8 March 2012

New Strategy To Predict Run Scenes Reduce Response Times

New Strategy To Predict Run Scenes Reduce Response Times

A Michigan call center has found a way to reduce response times by up to a minute through a technology they call “predictive deployment”. Using records of the thousands of calls they have received through the years, they were able to calculate where ambulances have to be deployed and where they are needed the most. Using the theory on human behavior of predictability when it comes to daily or routine tasks, they devised this system that they say actually works.Read more on New Strategy To Predict Run Scenes Reduce Response Times… read more..

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Medical Author-Free Running-Centrelearn

February Alternate Posting Locations: Med Author Chat, CentreLearn Blog, and More

Running, Running, and running …  Running is one of my passions. Early in February I guest posted at the Loving the Run blog about the importance of Free Running between training cycles and when coming back from injury. I also started a new blog this month, Everyday Runner Tips, to have a specific place for [...]Read related posts and tips:

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  3. Alternate Posting Locations: November 2011 Does Pranking Belong in EMS? I am not sure...
read more..

Criminal Damage-Public Opinion-Behaviour

Post Mortem

Well, well, well. Even I am surprised at the way the riot aftermath has been handled. The Press have run and re-run images and CCTV footage of the individuals responsible for looting and criminal damage, shaming most of them very effectively and sending a clear message to them all about the way we, the people, feel about their behaviour.
I got a lot of feedback, as expected, from my last post and a few of you did not agree with my opinion but that's fine. It is, after all, only my opinion. However, I received emails and messages from young people; teenagers and school children, who agreed totally with my rant. Some of them feel embarrassed to belong to the same generation, social class or geographical area as the idiots that torched and stole their way through last week.
The Government and the police got together and decided to name and shame all those that could be identified. The newspapers listed them, along with their charges and sentences, and the TV news made spectacles of them bumping into lamp-posts and hiding their faces, as they tried to avoid the kind of mass publicity that would ruin their lives.
Not one person has moaned about the 'rights' of these thieves; nobody has complained, as far as I know, about their names and faces being publicised for the whole country (the world in fact) to see. And that makes me feel very glad. Would a Labour Government have allowed this? Who knows... but it worked. It created a contrast for the people involved in the trouble, so that they could measure themselves and their actions against rising public opinion, which was hugely against them. We have, in effect, done exactly what was required of us - we put our badly behaved hooligan kids on the naughty step and told them to think about what they've done. We have commited our little criminals to the media stocks.
But, there are a few anomalies. Those that did not 'fit the bill' for this type of feral behaviour -  like the millionaire's daughter who acted as the getaway driver for a gang of looters. she was obviously bored of daddy's money and wanted a bit of low-life excitement. Then there was the out-of-work musician who called the cops 'facists' because they arrested him. He'd stolen a musical instrument. Or the ballerina who decided to steal while it was possible, and then gave herself up when she saw her face being publicly advertised as part of a rogue's gallery. She'd asked herself why she'd done it.
This wasn't all about the usual suspects. This was about opportunism and spleen-venting against authority, as if the individual cop on the street had anything to do with University fee hikes, or unemployment levels... or the price of a ballerina's clothing.
Among the unusual suspects, we had the real hardcore problem; arsonists, serial criminals and murderers. They are going to face justice very soon and when their faces are revealed - especially the ones who mugged the injured student - they will understand that something is changing in this society. People are no longer going to allow them to rule the roost.
For mowing down three innocent young men who were protecting their community, there must be a very long sentence, without parole - please. And for murdering an ageing man who was unilaterally protesting against the behaviour of these louts as they mobbed around him, the individual(s) responsible should never see the outside world again.
We need to examine the underlying problems of course, but for now, I think those affected directly by this need to be punished properly. read more..

Ems Garage Episode 24: Medical Directors-Good Medical Director-Casualty Incidents

East Midlands paramedics pilot project to keep patients out of hospital

East Midlands ambulance service trust is piloting a new project that allows specially trained paramedics to decide whether patients should be treated at home, or referred to a GP or walk-in centre. The trial is part of the trust’s plans to keep people out of hospital where possible in an effort to cut the strain [...] read more..

EMS Garage Episode 24: Medical Directors Galore!

This week we talk about Oxygen and what makes a good medical director. Is there such a thing as too much? What makes a good Medical Director?  This was started by Dr. Keith Wesley’s recent article on Paying for your medical director? $10 per run for Paramedic Service, $2 per run for a BLS [...] read more..

MCI and Bloggers Run: EMS Garage Episode 40

With the recent rash of Multiple Casualty Incidents we talk about MCI’s that we have been involved in. Skip has a new toy it transports 14 patients at once. Very cool! Then our good friend Tom Reynolds talks about how a recent court decision in the UK has caused bloggers to run and stop blogging. [...] read more..

Tuesday 6 March 2012

The Morning Rush Hour

#17 Recognize the Remarkable

On January 20th, 2007, a middle aged unassuming man walked into the L”Enfante subway station in Washington DC, just as the morning rush hour was beginning to fill the station with busy morning travelers and took a spot near a mural wall. Clad in a baseball hat and sweatshirt, he took out his violin and [...] read more..

Podcast Episode-Massive Change-Fitness Habits-Authorities

Injured Paramedic rescued friends

JACKSON, WY – As authorities scrambled to mount a rescue for a downed Teton County Search and Rescue helicopter Feb. 15, one team member was fighting a leg injury as he pulled his companions free of the wreckage. Fire/EMS Chief Mike Moyer dragged pilot Ken Johnson and volunteer team member Ray Shriver from the mangled [...] read more..

Behavior Modification

I am often asked by clients to map out a massive change initiative within their organization.  Change fitness habits, improve nutrition, add pre-shift stretching and improve employee wellness.  As a society we are “I want it now” society, namely give me a pill or a shot and make it all better, but change does not [...] read more..

Work Life Balance; EMS Leadership Podcast Episode 77

In this day and age when our workforce strives to make ends meet, pay their bills, take care of our families and give them the life they deserve, are they spending to much time at work and not enjoying life? In this episode Chirs Cebollero is joined by Don Lundy, Bob Waddell, JB Guiton and Matt Zavadsky as they discuses the [...] read more..

Ems Leadership Episode-Industry Experts-Fitness Expert-Federal Agency

Get Up and Move: Episode 50

Download this show to your MP3 player and listen as you go for a walk, jog, run, or bicycle ride. In our 50th episode Paramedic, Fitness Expert, and Educator Bryan Fass discusses the importance of fitness and wellness for educators and field personnel. Some of the important topics in this episode include: Validity of fitness [...] read more..

Hiring the Right People The Interview: EMS Leadership Episode 26

This week we have a great cast of industry experts to talk about Hiring the Right Candidate and the Interview process. This is part 2 of our series. Where else are you going to get free advice you can trust? Steve and Roberta hit a home run with this episode. Featuring: Chris Montera Steve Wirth, [...] read more..

The Federal Way: EMS Leadership Episode 63

In this episode Chris Cebollero is joined by Bob Waddell and Don Lundy as the discuss which Federal Agency should run EMS. We have read and heard a lot regarding this topic, join our panel of EMS Leaders as they discuss the pros and cons to this transition. read more..

Mercy Medical Center-Virginia Authorities-Sacred Heart Church-Stafford Street-Rescue Workers

Rescuers Attacked and Stabbed by Victim

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Virginia authorities are reporting that Bradley Colas of Virginia Beach, got irritated with rescue workers while they were trying to assist him. He began fighting with them, eventually stabbing two of his would be rescuers before drawing a gun and shooting at them. [Read the whole story here...] read more..

Ambulance stolen from Mercy Medical Center parking lot in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, MA – An ambulance that was stolen from Mercy Medical Center Friday afternoon was found abandoned in a snowbank a few hundred yards away on Stafford Street behind Sacred Heart Church. Police have a suspect in custody in connection with the theft, but he was in the process of being booked Friday evening and [...] read more..

Vehicle slams ambulance off I15

HESPERIA, CA — An ambulance crew returning from transporting a patient to a hospital down the hill was struck by a vehicle sending the ambulance off the freeway Saturday night, San Bernardino County Fire officials said. A driver in a Dodge Durango traveling north on Interstate 15 lost control of the vehicle when the tread [...] read more..

Fitness And Wellness-Chronic Fatigue-Substance Abuse-Law Enforcement-Poor Nutrition


I learned that a law enforcement injury prevention, tactical fitness and wellness class was given a thumbs down for any officer from a large department because “fit cops don’t stop bullets”.  Apparently poor fitness, obesity, stress, substance abuse, chronic fatigue, poor nutrition and disease are acceptable as long as they pay their union dues.  Frankly [...] read more..

Hutchinson Community College-Field Operations Program-Ems Leadership Episode-Financial Issues

Hutchinson Community College Field Ops Program: Episode 83

On tonight’s episode of the EMSEduCast learn about the Hutchinson Community College (HCC) EMS Field Operations Program.  Greg, Rob, and Bill are joined tonight by Darrel Grubbs an EMS Instructor for HCC.  We had a fascinating conversation about the set-up and running of the Field Operations Program – a unique day of mentored patient assessment, treatment, [...] read more..

Privatizing Detroit EMS

The City of Detroit has been facing some serious financial issues over recent years, and now they are faced with running out of cash before their fiscal year is over. It’s a pretty big deal. I’m not exactly sure how they got into this situation, but if I had to make a guess, I would [...] read more..

Six Sigma in EMS Management Part 1: EMS Leadership Episode 30

This week we start a series on Six Sigma and how you can incorporate it into an EMS agency of any size and how it will help you in the long run. Topics include: - The quality police model – how the traditional chart review model for improving EMS care come to be; and why [...] read more..

Monday 5 March 2012

Pain Control-Ems

Pre-Hospital Report Does It Matter: EMS Garage Episode 74

This week we discuss Dr. Bledsoe’s article on about “Why do you need the EMS Run Report” The discussion is lively as always. Featuring: Chris Montera Skip Kirkwood Justin Schorr Rob Theriault Natalie Quebodeaux Walter Tavares read more..

BYOT: EMS Garage Episode 105

This week we talk about Safety and Pain Control. It was BYOT (bring your own topic) week at the garage and we got a couple of winners. Up first is the council man that thinks he knows all about EMS and how we should run into a scene before the cops arrive after people have [...] read more..


As you gather and give thanks with your family and friends, or cozy up in your favorite chair for a football game, I’ll be on the streets. Running emergencies, and solving problems. Remember that holiday calls usually fall more into the “I have a problem.” category, more often then the “Help! I’m dieing.” category. But no bother, [...] read more..


Research Reveals BP Meds Taken at Night Reduces Early Morning Arrests

I got this article over at but it has to do with the need to when patients take their pills.  This may not be a question you get that frequently but when you run in to some patients that maybe or having difficulty managing a large number of pills– you know who I am talking about.  You go in the house they got that shoebox on the kitchen counter with like 30 pill bottles in it.  You just kind of look at it and scratch your head.  They don’t even take half of them anymore.  The prescriptions are out of date.  You’re trying to go through and write everything down and you have to ask them “what are you taking?  What are you not taking? “. They don’t have a list and some of their problems managing their illnesses may have to do with how and when they are taking their medications.  This article is a perfect example of that.  Looking at a switch to daily scheduling like things like blood pressure pills could save off risk for heart attacks, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest in some patients.  It has to do with taking your normal BP medicine rather than taking it first thing in the morning when you get up and taking it right before you go to bed at night saying that it is more effective to take before you go to sleep according to some researchers in a recent study.  Now you shouldn’t do so obviously or counsel people to do so until they talk to their doctors.Read more on Research Reveals BP Meds Taken at Night Reduces Early Morning Arrests… read more..

Global Polio Eradication Initiative-Ems Education-Ems Educator-Transition

Transition from Public Health to EMS Educator: Episode 125

Greg, Rob, and Bill are joined by Mary Anne Pace, EMS Education Manager for Ada County Paramedics, on this episode of the EMSEduCast. Mary Anne shares her previous experience in global polio eradication and her transition to EMS education. We also discuss community paramedics. Links: Rotary International Polio Eradication Program Global Polio Eradication Initiative Ada County [...] read more..

An Education Program Advisory Committee-Cowley Community College-Health Care Reform

Program Advisory Committee: Episode 107

In this episode we discuss the importance, formation, and management of an education program advisory committee with Chris Cannon of Cowley Community College. Chris is the department chair for allied health and holds degrees in business administration and leadership. Share your program advisory committee tips and guidelines Show Links: Cowley College Allied Health Department [...] read more..

Public Health or Public Safety?: EMS Leadership Episode 24

This week we discuss Skip’s favorite topic. Is EMS Public Safety, Public Health or something else. You be the judge. Featuring: Gary Wingrove Skip Kirkwood Buck Feris read more..

EMS in Health Care Reform: EMS Leadership Episode 39

This week we discuss the role of EMS in health care reform and what the future of reimbursement and practice might look like. Featuring: Chris Montera J.B. Guiton Chris Cebollero Gary Wingrove read more..

Sunday 4 March 2012

Direct And Indirect Costs-Health Care Reform-Corporate Wellness-Corporate Fitness

State of EMS Economics Health Care Reform Needed: EMS Garage Episode 38

This week we discuss the Economic Crisis and how it is effecting EMS Service Delivery in the US and abroad. We even talk about….(socialized medicine) SHHHH.. We have a diverse and knowledgeable panel from the US, Canada and the UK. We need Health Care Reform and true change in all Health Care in the US. [...] read more..

EMS Saves Health Care?: EMS Garage Episode 125

This week we talk about “Where is EMS Headed” by Chris Kaiser and we ask “Can EMS Save Health Care?” We also discuss Tough Questions: Did DeKalb County Waste $3M On New Ambulances? Featuring: Chris Montera Skip Kirkwood, JD Greg Friese James Warmuth read more..

The Dollars of Disability

Great article on the direct and indirect costs of poor health, disease, sickness, injury and un-wellness. Tagged: corporate fitness, corporate wellness, disease, sales productivity, wellness read more..

Chesapeake Health Education Program-Ems Leadership Episode 12-Emergency Health Care

Opportunities in Emergency Health Care: Episode 65

This episode of the EMSEduCast guest speaker is Paul Wilson, a high school social studies teacher and EMT since 2000.  Paul was involved in a high school program that teaches junior and senior high school students emergency care skills, starting with CPR and ending with EMT.  The one year program called Opportunities in Emergency Care [...] read more..

Live from EMS World Expo 2011: Episode 114

This episode of the EMSEduCast, recorded live at EMS World Expo 2011, is sponsored by the Chesapeake Health Education Program, providers of quality continuing education at a national price. Check out the CHEP Cast podcast a new online radio program that explores the best of what’s new and resourceful in health education. Also learn more [...] read more..

EMS Leadership Episode 12: We Fit

This week we focus on fitness in your agency and talk about best practices. We also discuss hiring and physical agility tests. Fitness is written into our National Occupational Cmpetency Profiles – see the Health and Safety section at the following link: Featuring: Chris Montera Rob Theriault Skip Kirkwood Greg Friese Gary Wingrove read more..

Ottawa Paramedic Service-Rescue Exercise-Bold Statement

Paramedic Ice Rescue Unit

The Ottawa Paramedic Service Marine Unit teams up with police and fire to perform ice rescue exercises on the Rideau River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Video features John Blythe from the Ottawa Paramedic Service Marine Unit jumping into the water to perform a rescue exercise. read more..

Ottawa Paramedic Ice Rescue Unit (french)

CBC (francais) - Le Telejournal Ottawa. The Ottawa Paramedic Service Marine Unit teams up with police and fire to perform ice rescue exercises on the Rideau River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Video features André Mollema from the Ottawa Paramedic Service Marine Unit performing a rescue exercise. read more..

EMS Garage Episode 22: Jet Laggin

This week Will makes a bold statement that they aren’t immobilizing people any more.  HUH???  We talk about the EMT that died in a health club just steps away from an AED. Studies cited on this week’s cast: Featuring: Chris Montera Just me Dave Ross, MD The Eagles Matt Solomon New Medic, Old Hat [...] read more..

St. George’S, University Of London-Faculty Of Health And Social Care-Education In The United Kingdom

Paramedic Education in the United Kingdom: Episode 76

Tonight’s guest on the EMSEduCast is Scott Stewart, Senior Lecturer – Paramedic Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, Kingston University & St. George’s, University of London. Greg, Rob, Bill, and Scott discuss paramedic education levels in the United Kingdom and Australia, including comparing and contrasting the different educational processes and challenges between the [...] read more..

EMAS loses appeal over contract decision

East Midlands Ambulance Service has lost its appeal against a decision not to award it the contract for running non-emergency transport. The regional trust received about £20 million a year for running the Patient Transport Service, with 550 staff involved in the scheme. But health bosses put the contract out to tender last year. NSL [...] read more..

Ambulance merger expected by October

A merger between Great Western Ambulance Service and South West Ambulance Service could be in operation by October. An update will be received by the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee at a meeting next week following an announcement by the GWAS board in August 2011 that the organisation was not in a position to continue [...] read more..

Saturday 3 March 2012

Houston Fire Department-City Medical Center-Unlicensed Driver-Traffic Accident-Memorial City

SUV hits Joliet ambulance

JOLIET, IL — Police say an unlicensed driver T-boned an ambulance as it made its way to another traffic accident Wednesday. Two firefighters were responding to a “minor” crash around 3:30 p.m. when their vehicle was struck at McDonough and Joyce Road, Deputy Fire Chief Ray Randich said. The driver of the SUV, Ruth Gutierrez, [...] read more..

HFD ambulance crashes at Memorial City hospital

HOUSTON, TX — A Houston Fire Department ambulance crashed into a pillar at Memorial City Medical Center early Saturday. It happened around 4:30am at the hospital on Gessner near the Katy Freeway. Authorities tell us no patients were inside the ambulance at the time and no one was seriously hurt. There is no word yet [...] read more..

Sit Wait And Talk

I have always joked that SWAT stood for “sit wait and talk”, mostly because that’s what we typically do when assigned to SWAT standbys. I have probably been assigned to more of these than I can count and have never actually had to provide any kind of medical-aid. Well, I did have a bystander walk [...] read more..

Pasadena Fire Department-Civilian Vehicle-Chicago Tribune-The Ambulance-Motorcyclist

Seven injured after car hits ambulance on way to Chicago shooting

CHICAGO –  Seven people, including four children, were injured in a traffic accident Sunday afternoon when an ambulance responding to reports of a fatal drive-by shooting was struck by a car on Chicago’s South Side, The Chicago Tribune reported. Authorities said the ambulance was on its way to the scene of the shooting — where [...] read more..

Ambulance Involved In Fairfield Crash

BREMEN, Ohio –   Troopers from the Lancaster post of the Highway Patrol will ticket the driver of a civilian vehicle that disobeyed a stop sign and broadsided a medic unit that was transporting a patient, topping the medic unit over. The collision took place at State Route 36 and route 664 just north of [...] read more..

Pasadena ambulance involved in crash

PASADENA, CA – An ambulance responding to a medical call collided with a motorcyclist Thursday afternoon, injuring one. The crash happened about 4 p.m. at the intersection of Marengo Avenue and Corson Street, according to Pasadena Fire Department spokeswoman Lisa Derderian. The motorcyclist, a man in his late 20s, was taken to a local hospital [...] read more..

Sigh Of Relief-Driver Crashes

DUI Driver Crashes Through EMS Scene

Albuquerque deputies and EMTs are breathing a sigh of relief after a suspected DUI driver passed through the roadside scene of a body recovery, striking three vehicles and hitting the guardrail. One deputy reported a minor hip injury related to the incident. The vehicles driver, Thomas Montaño, was taken into custody at the scene.  [Read [...] read more..

Happy Medic’s Rules for Kidnapping

Is this kidnapping? Maybe, technically, this does not meet all of the criteria to be convicted of kidnapping in a courtroom, but that does not even come close to meaning that abduction of people against their wishes, for purposes that the person believes to be nefarious, is not a crime. read more..

Sit Wait and Talk – Part 2

Hopefully you read the original story about my SWAT standby that resulted in the fulfillment of 2 items on my “EMS Bucket List”. If not, go read it and come back. After posting the story, my old partner that I worked with that day contacted me to remind me of a another part of the event. [...] read more..