Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Franklin Memorial Hospital-Ambulance Crashes En Route-Emergency Lights-Police Report

Police report sheds light on deadly ski crash

CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – A police report is shedding some light on the circumstances surrounding the death of a skier from Nova Scotia at Sugarloaf in January. David Morse died in an ambulance en route to Franklin Memorial Hospital after hitting a tree off Sugarloaf’s Timberline Trail. His wife, Dana Morse, has criticised [...] read more..

Ambulance Crashes En Route To Accident

NASHUA. N.H. — An ambulance was involved in a crash with a pickup truck while it was headed to the scene of another accident in Nashua Wednesday. Officials said the AMR ambulance had its emergency lights on while it was en route to an accident scene on Route 111 near the intersection of Riverside Street. [...] read more..


* Functional warm up *Hang clean to front squat 4×6 *Olympic bar reverse lunge to press (single arm) *Pull up 3×7 (with a 15lb DB) *Standing cable chest press *Kettle bell between the leg swings to a scaption *heavy rope drills (jumping jacks/shoulder side raise to bent over fast hands) *Bench Jumps 3×20 *stretch read more..

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