Thursday, 22 March 2012

Career Development-Records Management-Platform Solutions-Fire Departments-Steve Whitehead

Train. Track. Report.

TargetSolutions delivers innovative applications that help fire departments run more efficiently. Our easy-to-use Platform Solutions cover four categories: Learning Management, Online Training, Records Management, and Career Development. read more..

EMS Blogging – Why We Blog – EMS Office Hours

On the most recent EMS Office Hours, Jim Hoffman (host of EMS Office Hours), Steve Whitehead (host of The EMT Spot), Christopher Watford (an editor at EMS 12 Lead), and I talk about the Fire and EMS Blog of the Year contest (all of us are nominated) run by Rhett Fleitz (The Fire Critic). Unfortunately, Steve appears to have some audio problems, so his voice fades out after he is talking for a little while.EMS Blogging – Why We BlogJim has us discuss some of the reasons why we blog, what benefits we see coming from blogging, and the ways we have seen blogging change. read more..

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