Sunday, 18 March 2012

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Suicidal Evaluation: The DEAD PIMP Assessment

It’s a difficult situation that just about every EMS provider has been faced with at some point. Someone, somewhere thinks a friend or loved-one wants to commit suicide and they call 911. You arrive on scene to find a healthy looking patient who is adamant that they have no desire to harm themselves or anyone [...] read more..

Return on Investement

Having the opportunity to work with numerous organizations each year and spend time on site with them and their teams is in my humble opinion an invaluable experience.  from CEO’s with no doors (literally no doors) on their office to organizations that provide nothing but healthy and balanced snacks.  The ability to see real time [...] read more..

New Healthcare IT Solution for EMS

I stopped by the Beyond Lucid Technologies at EMS Today to learn about MediView™ Mobile. MediView™ Mobile is a software platform that is designed to serve as a comprehensive cloud-and-client healthcare IT solution for EMS. MediView Mobile incorporates next generation … Continue reading ? read more..

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