Saturday, 24 March 2012

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Fulton Fire Will Leave Some Calls to The EMT’s

The Fulton Fire Department say that they will adjust their 911 priory dispatching to include some medical calls to be ambulance only dispatches. citing savings to taxpayers, personnel will no longer respond to non-emergency medical calls. Those incidents will be left to ambulance crews. [Read the whole story here..] read more..

Dr. Ken Grauer on Killing Patients Just to Get a Temporary Pulse With Epinephrine – Part II

Dr. Ken Grauer wrote a couple of extended comments in response to "Killing Patients Just to Get a Temporary Pulse With Epinephrine."Dr. Grauer has provided some commentary on this on his web site – KG-EKG Press."ISSUE #10: Should We Still Use Epinephrine for Cardiac Arrest?"So, how bad was epinephrine in this study? read more..


10-8, on air, copy, en route, on scene. Scene safety, BSI,  ABC, A/Ox3. SAMPLE, OPQRST, AEIOU-TIPS. Patch’em up. Print a strip. Check a sugar “little prick.” Grab a BP, Positive PMSC. Equal grips/pushes/pulls, eyes are PERL, Cut the clothes. C-Spine, Strip and flip, palp the chest, rock the hips. Start a line, strip a bag, [...] read more..

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