Monday, 12 March 2012

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Care home residents ‘denied basic GP medical services’

Some doctors are refusing to visit elderly care home residents, a BBC investigation has found. Instead they are offering a diagnosis over the phone which care home managers say is unsatisfactory and dangerous. In one case, care home records show a GP refused or reluctantly made a visit to a man suffering from pneumonia on [...] read more..

Firefighter Apologizes For Holding Mayor Responsible For Victim Death

After years of controversy and cuts, a  Haverhill Firefighter (the representative of Local 1011) told reporters that the mayor should be charged with murder after the death of an 84 year old citizen in a house fire. Today, that firefighter offered his apology. [Read the whole story here...] read more..

The Emotional Heartbeat; EMS Leadership Episode 78

Good Morale is one of the cornerstones to a successful organization. How do we best develop a good and positive morale for all our employees? Join Chris Cebollero and his guests Don Lundy, Bob Waddell and JB Guiton as they discuss the components of developing great organizational morale. read more..

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