Monday, 19 March 2012

Physical Environment-Podcast Episode-Food

Conflict Resolution; EMS Leadership Podcast Episode 76

One thing that we know whether its personal or professional, conflict is going to occur. It is important that regardless of your level, having the ability to resolve conflicts as the occur is paramount to a successful organization. In this episode Chris Cebollero is joined by Don Lundy, Bob Waddell and JB Guiton as they [...] read more..

Food Behavior Modification

I was asked during a presentation last week why it’s so hard to stop eating or change eating behaviors.  My answer was simple and frankly a smack in the face, you can not stop or change because your physical environment will not allow it.  We see food in a distorted manner, we have been programmed [...] read more..

Four o’clock in the morning.

Four 0'clock in the morning. Four ayh emm. 4am… Often passed during sleep, that time that doesn’t exist for most people. But it does exist, I mean we agree to have it on the clock. It’s there, but what happens at 4am? It’s far too late to be considered night, and even though “morning” is [...] read more..

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