Friday, 27 April 2012

Wernicke Encephalopathy-Traditional Treatments-Difficult Intubation-Video Laryngoscopy

Glucose before Thiamine for Wernicke Encephalopathy – A Literature Review

Maybe that explains how the requirement for thiamine before glucose came about – confabulation. Many of our traditional treatments are better explained by confabulation, based on a persuasive hypothesis, than by any evidence of benefit to the patient. read more..

Ambulance Driver Arrested After Chase, Holding Co-Worker ‘Against His Will’

?????? ?? ???? ?????PHILADELPHIA, PA – A man is in police custody after he led police on a short pursuit in an ambulance all while holding a co-worker “against his will.” According to investigators, the incident began when police spotted the ambulance in an area where it shouldn’t have been. The ambulance, according to authorities, [...] read more..

New VuStik for Video-Laryngoscopy

The VuStik is a new, easy-to-use video laryngoscopy device. It uses your existing motor skills rather than requiring you to develop all new ones, and makes difficult intubation easier and visually verifies the correct placement of every ET tube. It offers several … Continue reading ? read more..

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