Monday, 23 April 2012

American Company-Amazon

The Station is out there...

Okay. The new book is out at last. You should see it on Amazon, etc very soon (I'm told these things take a few weeks). In the meantime, you can buy it direct from the publisher. Don't be nervous about them being an American company, charging you in dollars... they have a UK distributor, so you shouldn't be waiting for weeks and you shouldn't be paying more than the book's value to get a copy.
You can buy it in hardback or softcover - it's up to you.
Follow this link:
Please let me know what you think of it. remember it's a work of fiction and does not purport to reflect anything true or real about the ambulance service.....
Oh, and can you all please get your friends to buy it... plug it on Facebook and Twitter... give it a buzz if you like it. I want to do well with this one... it'll encourage me to write another one. I really don't care that I am blatantly plugging it. Nobody else is, so why not me? read more..

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