Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mass Evacuation-Super Bowl

Indianapolis EMS Get Set for Super Bowl Evac Plans

This is an article I found over at and this is from Indianapolis Louisiana, looking at how EMS officials are preparing their Super Bowl evacuation plans. The Super Bowl are going to be in Indianapolis this year in 2012 they are coming up I guess February.  Certainly, first responders need to be prepared before a mass evacuation.  If something were to happen at the stadium during the game or prior to the game there’s a huge number of people gathered there for this event and how do you get them out of there safely and effectively and as rapidly as possible while maintaining safety.  They tried several different plans in this article to look and see which one will move people out of town when they thought about something like an earthquake or something like that.  They are really looking to see what it would take to get people outside of town and use transportation rally points to center the evacuation on and then use those rally points to get people out of town as rapidly as possible.  There’s going to be a lot of cars blocking the road.  They realized traffic is going to just bug everything down.  Heck! Everybody ever seen any of those disaster movies knows what the highways would look like in the case of a mass evacuation from a city.  There needs to be a way to get people together, come to this transportation rally points and then go ahead and help people get the care they need.  If they need medical care or public safety of other sorts they can get it there from EMS officials and providers and then go ahead and get these people on to buses and out of town on these predetermined routes and into Red Cross shelters outside of town.Read more on Indianapolis EMS Get Set for Super Bowl Evac Plans… read more..

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