Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Eau Claire County-Mass Gatherings-Steve Whitehead-Special Events-Ongoing Series

Video: Remember 2 Things for Special Events and 1 More Thing

From Steve Whitehead’s ongoing series at ParamedicTV is powered by EMS1.comAfter the band-aid the 2nd most popular request at many special events and mass gatherings is an ice pack. At your first aid area, right next to the display on hands-only CPR, fill small sandwich size bags with ice for bumps and bruises. What [...] read more..

Manchester ambulance gets involved in a car accident

MANCHESTER, NH — A Manchester AMR ambulance was involved in an accident late Friday, police Sgt. Joe Mucci said. Mucci said the ambulance, which was heading east on Spruce Street when it was struck by a car that was heading north on Maple Street. Mucci said the ambulance was heading to Elliot Hospital with a [...] read more..

Car, ambulance collide in Eau Claire County

Eau Claire, WI – There were only minor injuries when a car collided with an ambulance in Eau Claire County. The accident happened Thursday morning on Highway 37, near I-94.  Deputies say a car was making a left-hand turn to get onto the interstate when it hit an ambulance.  The ambulance was taking a patient [...] read more..

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